Here Is A Sexiest Mumbai Escort With Ideal Waist To Hip Ratio

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13 May 2019
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Mumbai Escorts Women with the ideal waist to hip ratio are considered to be the sexiest women and men memorizes informations better about them. I am komal shetty , an escort with a stunning look and ideal waist to hip ratio. I was awarded Ms Perfection during my college days and low waist jeans with a colourful shirt, add volumes to my elegant personality. Mumbai Call Girls prepare adequately before my client’s arrival and after a good shower, I apply lotion on my body to smoothen the skin. I also put on a coloured bra and matching panty over the round buttocks. When the excited client uncovers me, he is aroused by the perfect hip to waist ratio. Mumbai Escorts Service And it is very simple to calculate the ratio. Measure the waist and the hip and then, divide the girth of waist by the girth of hip. If the answer is 0.7, it is an ideal shape. Then, I have attractive eyes and lips. The eye colour may not be very clear but the limbal rings are very straight forward. Limbal ring is the dark ring around the iris. White limbal rings attract men more. I have this attractive white limbal ring.